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Photo of Robin Moore

Hello Edison Family,

I am honored and excited to join the Edison Elementary family where there is a culture of collaboration among students, families, and the community. As your new principal for the 2023-2024 school year, it is my mission to motivate, encourage and drive each stakeholder to places of continual excellence as life-long learners. My core belief is that all students can learn, and it is evident that through your collective efforts, this has been ongoing at Edison for many years!

My name is Robin Moore and my husband, Mike, and I have lived in Colorado Springs for 34 years. Fun fact, when we moved here in January of 1990,I was a substitute teacher here at Edison! We have two wonderful daughters, both who are married, one living here in Colorado Springs, and one in California.  We are a dog family with a Golden Retriever (Rory) and a Golden Doodle (Charlie) who complete our circle.  

I taught for many years throughout Colorado Springs and have been an Instructional Coach and an Assistant Principal. I have been in Dll for 12 years. I also spent 13 years away from education to be home with the girls and run my own business. As excited as I am to reach my career goal, reaching that with the support of Edison Elementary makes it even more special for our family.

I have always believed that education is about teaching students, not subjects. It is about engaging students in their learning and maximizing the potential of each child. Education is about looking beyond the child's intellect and seeing the whole child. My goal is to continue to support the amazing faculty and staff with their capacity to bring the highest level of engagement and excellence to our students. believe that you will find all of this already at Edison Elementary!

I look forward to partnering with each one of you. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime, my door is always open!  

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